Pain Care Yoga Therapy™ & Pain Care Aware™ Yoga

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Chronic pain may arise from an initial injury, such as a back sprain, or there may be an ongoing cause, such as illness. However, there may also be no clear cause. Other health problems, such as fatigue, sleep disturbance, decreased appetite, and mood changes, often accompany chronic pain. Chronic pain may limit a person’s movements, which can reduce flexibility, strength, and stamina. This difficulty in carrying out important and enjoyable activities and chronic pain can have a real effect on your day-to-day life and your mental health.

Pain is a very personal and subjective experience. I particularly know as I live with this every day. Chronic pain may occur in a variety of locations in the body, and for many different reasons. The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and improve function, so the person can resume day-to-day activities. Whatever the wellness plan, it is important to remember that chronic pain usually cannot be cured, but it can be managed.

Pain Care Yoga™ Therapy & Pain Care Aware™ classes

Pain Care Yoga Therapy is integrates pain science, the lived experience of pain and provides a therapeutic yoga classes. Bringing an understanding of pain science into open yoga classes and to provide 1-on-1 yoga therapy. As a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and health professional, I share this knowledge for you to take control of your physical and mental pain and life as healthy life as possible moving forward.

Pain Care Aware™ [PCA™] provides a pain-informed approach to teaching yoga. PCA provides safety within yoga classes, and the confidence to hold space knowing people in pain are present. PCA integrates yogic and scientific views of pain and pain care. As your yoga teacher I will assists you in prevention of injury and pain from yoga practice you may have experience previously.

We re-conceptualize pain create safer movement experiences, challenge limitations and reconnect students to their true nature. In the PCA classes and/or 1-on-1 therapy session you will:

  • Gain experiential learning of the techniques of pain care through mindfulness and yoga
  • Build a personal self-care practice
  • We will create a booklet of tools to assist in building your confidence in managing your wellness and maintain an active and satisfying lifestyle
  • This process is designed to enhance regular treatment and disease-specific education.