Corporate Wellness / Professional Development

.Corporate Wellness / Professional Development

Teams that learn together work better together. When employees believe management cares about their growth, the environment improves and so does productivity. Schedule a training session for any time of the day to provide ongoing professional and personal development of your staff and volunteers.

These brief, informative talks give employees a chance to partake in some informal professional development on their lunch hour, while also networking with colleagues. Lunch and learn sessions are a great way to provide workplace training and inform employees of healthy ways to work.

I have equipment if needed and can bring the class to your location or a community park setting.

I generally offer 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions and I encourage participants to play an active role throughout the process. All departments within your organization will benefit from these seminars. I hold these regularly for clients. Some host once a month, others on a quarterly basis. One client runs them every other week.

Does the Company Benefit?

You bet! Once your Lunch and Learn program has been under way for a few months, you will notice productivity growing from the improvement in morale. Healthy stress-free employees are more productive and happier. Research has shown a three-fold return for every dollar invested in corporate wellness. Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity have a direct positive impact on your bottom line. When people are happier at work, they develop increased loyalty. Absenteeism will decrease as people put their new knowledge to work and choose healthier lifestyles. Your health insurance and worker’s compensation insurance costs will go down.

Contract Wellness Consultant/Presenter

  • Alberta Health Services staff in-service training sessions: Recreational Therapists – South East & Physical Therapists – South West
  • Coulee Classic Women Masters Dragon Boat team – Team education and land/aquatic training
  • Galt Museum & Archives – Digital Collection – Yoga at the Galt (You Tube )
  • Lethbridge Public Library: Physical Literacy Collection – Benefits of Pole Walking and Demonstration
  • University of Lethbridge: Employee Wellness Lunch ‘n Learn sessions – various topics
  • Adaptive Aquatic facilitation class session: PHAC 3060 Adapting Physical Activity for Dr. Mary Dyck
  • Chronic Pain Management Lunch n’ Learn Sessions: Regional District of the Central Okanagan – Kelowna

To book your session today or for more information contact:
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Group Fitness Class

Single session/ 1 hour

$180 / up to 10 people*

*Extra person over 10 people, add $15/person/session

Lunch n’ Learn Series

Single Session/ 45 minutes

$90/ up to 15 people*

*Extra person over 15 people, add $15/person/session

12 month of sessions (1 session/month)

$1,200/ up to 15 people*

*Extra person over 15 people, add $15/person/session

Yoga / Wellness Class

Single session/ 1.5 hours

$200 / up to 10 people*

*Extra person over 10 people, add $15/person/session