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If you are registering for yourself, please remember to fill out the Cherry Rock Lifestyle Client Intake + Consent Form. If you are registering a friend or family member as a gift, they will be required to fill out these forms prior to the scheduled class.

Whether you’re local or joining us from a far – we want to share our wonderful land or aquatic fitness and yoga classes – in a
convenient and safe environment.

Classes requires registration to follow outdoor gathering + social distancing guidelines.  Register today as space is limited!

Current Virtual Classes

Classes will resume in September

FUNctional Fitness (virtual)
Age easily and gracefully this group exercises geared to improve function for daily activities and maintaining independence. This group class incorporate functional daily movement patterns and will help you to maintain strength, balance, agility and coordination. Suitable for the senior population or new to exercise, this class trains health and wellness for a functional life. Using lots of mobility to train posture, balance, agility and strength, these exercises will target muscle groups to stabilize the body for injury prevention.

Thursday’s  1:00 – 2:00pm 
6 weeks –
September 23rd – October 28th, 2021
Drop-In –
 (must register 1hr prior to the start of the class time – a link will be sent to you before the class starts- please download Zoom prior) 

Golden Yogis (virtual)
Join us for Golden Yoga!  A registered series of classes that are perfect for seniors who have never done yoga before, beginners and those seeking a gentle practice.  Are you already a student here?  Would your mother, father or partner benefit from this safe introduction to yoga?

Golden Yoga is a safe and gentle class for those over 50.  It brings together the benefits of Yoga, Pranayama (deep breathing) and meditation with a great element of community.

Yoga classes help the over 50s by increasing our balance, flexibility, range of motion, bone density and much more.  Our playful movements will help to provide elasticity to the spine, firming up the skin, removing tension from the body, strengthening the abdominal muscles and improving the quality of both muscle tone and posture.  These benefits are being increasingly proven by science – and arguably, those who stand to gain the most from yoga’s advantages are the over-fifties.

We need to keep moving and safely stressing our bodies as we age, improving our balance and mobility as much as we can. 

Friday’s  10:00 – 11:00am 
6 weeks –
September 25th – October 29th, 2021
Drop-In –
 (must register 1hr prior to the start of the class time – a link will be sent to you before the class starts- please download Zoom prior) 

SUNDAY RESET – Yin Yoga & Nidra/Meditation (virtual)
SUNday The perfect day to reflect, reset and recharge for another great week!
YIN YOGA is a slow-paced, therapeutic style of yoga. Yin postures are more passive postures, held for a few minutes. In this class we will explore the postures in seated, lying down positions as well using the wall for support.
Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation that allows you to scan your body and tap into a state of consciousness as the mind settles in a place between wakefulness and sleep ( 15 minutes of Nidra = approx. 1 hour of sleep)

Sunday’s  7:15 – 8:15pm 
Weekly sessions – Currently running
Register at anytime for the amount of classes you are looking for and the monthly option will on the first Sunday following your registration date!

Sign – up for 1, 2, 3, or 4 months sessions, starting at anytime…
1 month  = $64   
(4 classes)
2 month  = $120 (8 classes)
3 month  = $168 (12 classes)
4 month  = $208 (16 classes)

Drop-In – $18 (must register 1hr prior to the start of the class time – a link will be sent to you before the class starts- please download Zoom prior) 

Trauma-Centred Yoga
Do you struggle with post traumatic stress or other conditions that emerged due to longterm trauma?
In partnership with Trauma Therapy Solution Inc.
Trauma-Centred YOGA is an approach to creating a safe, supportive space in which students can learn emotional regulation skills through connection with the breath and increased body awareness. In this virtual  6 week class I will guide you to be in charge of your body throughout this experience.

Tuesday’s  7:15 – 8:15pm 
6 weeks –
September 21st – October 26th, 2021

Current Land Classes

Classes will resume in September

Pain Care Aware Education Series 
This special yoga class is designed for people who live with persistent pain. It brings together the science of pain with the practice of yoga to help those living with pain learn how to move with ease and live well. This 90 minute class includes breath and body awareness and regulation practices, movement and education.

11:00am – 12:30pm 
6 weeks –
September 25th – October 30th, 2021
Mikado Therapeutic Yoga & Massage
                    1013 – 2 Ave South Lethbridge, AB

Please note this class has been moved to online due to the AB Government recent mandates as of Sept 20,2021. If they change before the end of the session we will meet in person.


Land Upcoming Classes

(Lethbridge, Coaldale & Virtual)

Keen Fit Nordic Pole Walking
Take your walking to the next level and basically turn a simple walk around the block into an effective, efficient, aerobic total body workout – all while walking smarter, not harder. Learn about the benefits of pole walking, all while being kinder to your body. Join us for a low impact activity, increase your cardio and burn more calories. Anyone can walk with poles! This class is suitable for all levels. Keen Fit walking poles are provided if needed.

Dates and Times TBA, please check back after August 25th for more details…

Recuperative Accessible Yoga
A slow gentle yoga class, suitable for SENIORS, BEGINNERS, those with LIMITED MOBILITY or who have CHRONIC CONDITIONS. You will learn basic yoga postures along with modifications. We will introduce some simple breathing and meditation techniques to help with daily relaxation and  mindfulness.

Dates and Times TBA, please check back after August 25th for more details…

Yoga in the Park In Partnership with the Town of Coaldale
Join us every Wednesday in Eastview Park in Coaldale!

If you can breathe you can do yoga. Take a short break away from the house or office and join us for this relaxing class. Enjoy practicing yoga together while we support each other and most importantly to have fun.

Dates and Times TBA, please check back after August 25th for more details…

Location: Eastview Park (1825 – 10 Street Coaldale)
                      on the East side of the park