Personal Training

Personal Training

I am a land and aquatic personal trainer specializing in working with people of all abilities. I strive to ensure exercise is accessible for all, while empowering individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals that previously seemed beyond their own limitations due to weight gain, a chronic condition or disability. We will work together to create an adaptable program that promotes safe and effective training in a fun and motivational environment to support healthy lifestyle.

All programs are options to those 10 years and older.

I offer a free 45 minute consultation to determine your needs and goals. This will also give us a chance to meet and ensure that we are the best fit to begin your wellness journey.

I offer one-on-one and semi-private sessions (up to 5 people), that can be run in your home, out in the community or on-site at the Cherry Rock Lifestyle studio.

We will work together to create a program that will assess, develop and implement individualized exercise programming for a healthy or medically-cleared person with a physical, sensory or cognitive disability.

Private On-Site*

1 hour$90$255$400$750$1400
45 minutes$85$240$375$700$1300
30 minutes$80$225$350$650$1200
*includes travel to your location

Virtual* and In-Person Private & Semi-Private Sessions

1 hour$85$240$375$700$1300
45 minutes$80$225$350$650$1200
30 minutes$75$210$325$600$1100
*via ZOOM from Cherry Rock Lifestyle Studio
Semi-Private Price is per Participant (up to 5 people)