Weight Management

Weight Management

The goal of my program is to create positive change and help individuals take responsibility for better health through an integrated training of wellness (nutrition, strategies of positive lifestyle change and regular exercise).  If you have been trying to lose weight and realize that diets don’t work, then this program is for YOU!

The Program: 10 weeks, (2 hour/week)

This program provides a back to basics approach that may greatly help you choose long term strategies for improving your health and using exercise with balanced nutrition as a positive change agent.

Each week I will combine a lecture session followed by an activity session on education and practical tips for achieving improved nutrition, enjoyable exercise and positive lifestyle and behavior changes. Topics such as goal setting, basic nutrition, nutritional analysis, emotional eating, meal planning, detrimental dieting, grocery shopping, home programs for stretching and strengthening and keeping active, relaxation, stress management and positive self-talk will be reviewed.